A new experience for coffee sample management

1 sample requires:

stakeholders involved from exporter to roaster

hours from traders, operators, quality managers

manual steps leading to errors, delays and poor customer service

emails unnecessarily increasing workload

I like cupping coffee but managing all the paperwork related to sending and receiving samples is a nightmare. I spend 25% of my time in printing labels, chasing status of the sample from suppliers and clients. It’s boring..


Quality Manager

We need to make sure the quality is approved by our client before we ship the goods. Last week, we missed an email rejecting the quality. When time of shipment arrived, we figured out that we cannot ship it. It took us 2 months to sort this out. Samples can drive me nuts.


Manager of operations

When clients call me to ask where is the sample, I’m supposed to know but in fact, I need to investigate through the entire company, between local and regional teams. I spend so much time looking for the info I could spend on developing the business. It’s a waste of time and energy as well as a poor customer service..


Coffee trader

How much does a sample cost you?

In terms of
Team engagement, 
Quality of service,
Customer experience…

Achieve outstanding customer experience!

CommoChain transforms a painful process in a great experience
for coffee exporters, traders, roasters wishing to deliver a better service to customers


Manage proactively your samples

Access real-time information and ETAs about all your samples, documents and shipments, anytime, anywhere. Manage by exception high volumes of operations.


Anticipate delays

Identify delays as soon as possible to be more agile. Receive alerts to proactively notify your customers.
Track all express couriers and major shipping lines.


Measure suppliers’ performance and improve your customer service

Data you can trust to measure suppliers’ performance, customers’ preferences and internal performance.
Actionable insights to reduce operational risks and increase customer satisfaction.


Collaborate efficiently

Manage by exception high volumes of operations and automate manual processes (printing labels, notifications, alerts).
Allocate tasks to colleagues across departments and regional offices as well as suppliers and clients.
Get them on-board!

“Moving from the in-house sourcing subsidiary of the Segafredo Zanetti Group - a major international coffee house - to a market-facing trading company means that it is even more vital for Cofiroasters that we capture each and every efficiency opportunity that comes our way.

We were impressed by CommoChain as it directly addresses one of the main pain points traders face on a day-to-day basis, in this case, the difficulty to adequately capture all the details related to samples management.

The added benefit of CommoChain is that not only do we make measurable gains in terms of costs and time, but as importantly we are in a position to offer a premium service to our clients and co-create value.”

Operations Manager, Cofiroasters - Geneva

Our pricing

CommoChain is a collaborative solution therefore, we price according to the value we bring based on volume and not per user.
Contact us to discuss your needs in details.


Tracking of samples
5 times faster


Reduce by 50% the cost of sample management


Control traceability
with 100% guarantee

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