Streamlining the back-office of exporters and importers of commodities

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Managing Director

One single mistake in a document can derail the whole execution process and cost a lot.



Client waits for the cargo to arrive before paying. This delays the transfer of documents.


Head of Execution

We believe
we trade physical goods,

but in reality,
we trade paper documents.


Execution Expert

4.7 billion dollars are wasted each year along the supply-chain due to paper documents and manual processes

With CommoChain you can
streamline and optimize your execution processes. It becomes your assistant.


Turn your office paperless

A lot of official documents still come in paper format. You can improve efficiency by transforming those paper documents into searchable PDF documents, and by managing those documents with automated workflows.

Collaborate efficiently

Collaboration can be easy with the right tools. With CommoChain, you can collaborate among departments or regional offices. You can easily share it with anyone and add workflows to automate your business processes.

Automate workflows

Manually keeping track of tasks, deadlines, acceptance flows and different kinds of business processes can be a demanding task. Why not improve efficiency and automate your workflows and processes?

Customized to your needs

No business is similar. Thus, the use cases for information management should not be similar either. CommoChain lets you configure the platform or use templates to support your use cases.

Comply with laws and regulations

Compliance can be hard to achieve without automated tools that help you keep track of changes and create an audit trail. CommoChain automates compliance so that you can sleep better at night.

Use anytime, anywhere, with any device

Travel a lot?
Different regional offices?
No worries, CommoChain lets you access and share your information.

Use cases

Coffee Sample Tracker

CommoChain transforms a painful process in a great experience for coffee exporters, traders, roasters willing to deliver better coffee to customers

Claim Manager

CommoChain transforms a painful process in an added value process where you can monitor the status of a claim and collaborate with stakeholders

Shipping Docs Manager

CommoChain makes easy to generate and track each document required for a shipment. Know in real time where you stand and delight your customers !

Sustainability Tracker

CommoChain makes easy to generate and track each document required for a certification related to quality, sustainability etc. Know in real time where you stand and delight your customers !

“Moving from the in-house sourcing subsidiary of the Segafredo Zanetti Group - a major international coffee house - to a market-facing trading company means that it is even more vital for Cofiroasters that we capture each and every efficiency opportunity that comes our way.

We were impressed by CommoChain as it directly addresses one of the main pain points traders face on a day-to-day basis, in this case, the difficulty to adequately capture all the details related to samples management.

The added benefit of CommoChain is that not only do we make measurable gains in terms of costs and time, but as importantly we are in a position to offer a premium service to our clients and co-create value.”

Operations Manager, Cofiroasters - Geneva

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