CommoChain is a Trade-Execution Assistant that delivers efficiency benefits to companies active along the commodity supply chain

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Managing Director

One single mistake in a document can derail the whole execution process and cost a lot.



Client waits for the cargo to arrive before paying. This delays the transfer of documents.


Head of Execution

We believe
we trade physical goods,

but in reality,
we trade paper documents.


Execution Expert

4.7 billion dollars are wasted each year along the supply-chain 

due to paper documents and manual processes

With CommoChain you can
streamline and optimize your execution processes.


It becomes your assistant.

Our value proposition 

5 Times Faster

From paper to collaborative platform,
we digitize your transactions
to make them instantaneous

50-75 % Cost Reduction

Reduction of
the administrative work, 
errors, losses of documents and frauds

100 % Compliant

Full audit-trail,
with smart contracts allowing
traceability and trust

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